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Touch Wood Rings designed by you,
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by David Finch

Design your own custom made wooden ring ~ Touch Wood Rings

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Touch Wood Rings

Juniper heartwood Touch Wood Ring
 Give the one you love a handcrafted Touch Wood Ring. 

Touch Wood Rings
~ Commissioned as Wooden Wedding Rings, Wood Engagement Rings, Commitment and Friendship rings, Wooden Promise and Celebration Rings -  By the pioneer of the artist and craftsman David Finch.

Visit our Wooden Ring Galleries.  Choose your woods, design your ring and let our service, experience and impeccable craftsmanship turn your vision into a wearable work of art. 
Wear the warmth of wood! 

Looking for the perfect anniversary gift? Traditionally the 5th anniversary is the wood anniversary.  Just for fun we've put together a list of  how to make a wood ring work for any anniversary. 

Keepsake Rings

Touch Wood Memorial Rings


Rings of Remembrance                      and Rings of Celebration  
We offer this service to folks looking for a special way to remember loved ones who have died.
 Visit Rings of Remembrance for more information.  

The Two of Us

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David & Nicola 
A bit about us and how to contact us. We  have a dedicated site for our handcrafted wooden rings.  We invite you to visit us there at www.touchwoodrings.com 

 Meadow Ranch

Contact us at nicola@touchwoodrings.com 
  TOUCH WOOD Handcrafted Wooden Rings at Meadowranch
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Living as we do, off the grid and way out in the middle of nowhere; we rely on our solar powered satellite internet for all of our communications.  Please contact us by email.    Thanks for dropping by and we look forward to putting our work in your hands.

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